The Beauty of Slow


Dear Friends,

Our lives revolve at a hectic pace, especially here in the city.  I am not immune to the pressures of the ominously long “to-do” list. My desk has piles of textbooks to study, papers for review, and furiously scribbled recipe notes.  I have three kids under 10, a dog, a cat, and two tanks full of fish. In my spare time, I am taking two classes, running my blog and associated social media accounts, working as a freelance researcher and content editor, and studying for teaching certification in my state. I have not sat down to watch an entire movie in the last five years, at least. The troubling thing is that my day is far-less hectic than many people I know. If we are very honest with ourselves, it is clear that living at such a hectic pace is not conducive to health or well-being.

Today, I am challenging you to join me in an effort to slow down. Pick a quiet and comfortable spot, set your timer for 5 minutes and look at one object. I suggest selecting something found in nature, but you can really pick anything you like.  Really, look at it. Use all your senses to conduct your observation. Consider writing down or sketching your findings, or even the thoughts that flow through your mind. It is so easy to miss the small details as we rush around. You might be astonished at what you find.

Gratefully Relaxed,



4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Slow

    • Thank you for your comment and following my blog! I am currently looking at yours. It is fabulous! Admittedly, at times I feel rather like a hamster in a wheel, but I am working at slowing down and taking time for myself.


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