Believe in Yourself

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Guest Post by Susie

Dear Friends,

Today’s entry is a guest post! I think our guest writer is brilliant, so I present her thoughts in their entirety and without embellishment.  Please show our young guest writer some appreciation by liking this post and commenting below.  I will forward any correspondence to our guest writer and you may even get a personal response!

About the Guest Author: Susie is an (almost) 10-year-old from New England. She loves (in no particular order) unicorns, fluffy bunnies, bananas, and Dr. Who. Susie’s favorite subject at school is art. When she grows up, she would like to be a published author. Well known for her caring nature and words of wisdom, her advice resonates with people of all ages.

Believe in yourself no matter what. Do not let anyone judge you for the way you are. You are who you want to be. You are the way you feel. Know that you always have a good heart. If people judge you, they are just being mean. Do not let it get to your head because they know nothing about you. You are really just a person and people make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Just believe in yourself and you can do amazing things!




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