Your Potential Self Is Infinite

Dear Friends,

It is just a bit after three in the morning and I am awake.  I am decidedly more awake now that I just watched my youngest cat run into the side of the stove.  Now, typically, when my eyes are open at this hour, I stay in bed and try to remember to keep breathing.  It sounds strange to have such a focus on breath, but you might be surprised how helpful it is to have laser-like attention on something outside of the pain.  I like to think of it as my act of defiance.  I should really discuss the importance of breath, but tonight is not the night.  Rather, I would like to discuss tea and the occasional wisdom that appears on a tea tag.


I am a fan of tea.  If you have followed me on Twitter (@RieOfLetters) for any length of time, or are related to me in some way, this will come as no surprise.  I am not nearly skilled enough to use loose-leaf with any regularity, though I do have a reusable tea sachet and some loose-leaf from Desert Sage Naturals* that I am looking forward to using in the morning.  (“The morning” meaning a suitable hour, probably after 5 am, because of caffeine.)  Alas, I use the slightly less-messy and easy-to-acquire tea sachets/tea bags.  Some brands of tea, herbals in particular, like to add sayings on their tea tags.  It is often something that sounds mystical or vaguely empowering, as if the writer has some deep understanding of a divine truth.  This morning, while sipping a relaxing lavender and honey blend, I paid special attention to the words of wisdom that came along with my cup of tea.

“Your potential self is infinite.”

Perhaps because it is early, or that I am feeling like a #badassunicorn, but I started to ruminate on these words.  I have certainly come across better/more inspiring sayings, but this is sticking with me.  My brain is attempting to dissect the word arrangement and shuffle things around to glean some meaning.  Is it a sign from the universe?  I say this in all seriousness, because as much as I am a person of science, I am also a person of intense faith.  (Note: Yes, the two can co-exist in a single person and this is a discussion for another time.)  Right now, as I sit, the clock ticking just past four, I need some reassurance from a higher power that I am on the right path.


Over the past several years, just the process of living my life has left me spinning in circles.  This goes beyond my physical health and falls squarely in the area of emotional wellness.  During times of great change, it is common to question one’s life and trajectory.  Some of us become butterflies, undergoing a great transformation, and some just change the designs of their caterpillar exterior.  Truthfully, for the last month, I haven’t been sure what path would be ideal.  I have been focused solely on making the right choices and avoiding the catastrophe that surely lies in wait around every corner.  This brings me back to the tea tag.  “Your potential self is infinite.”  The wonderful thing about this quote is that it is open to interpretation, much like art.  It is not the artist or writer assigning meaning, rather, it is the observer.  In a moment, I was able to reframe my thoughts on tea tag sayings.  It isn’t that I believe in the writer/artist, but I believe in myself.

As I observe and think deeply, as much as one can during the wee hours, I arrived at a conclusion.  In life, as tumultuous as it can be, both our potential and the ‘self’ are gifted with infinite possibility.  There is no call to fit into some mold or to define the ideal. Rather, each iteration is valid and worthy in and of the sheer fact that we exist.  I think I am okay with that.


My inner #badassunicorn



*Note: I am in no way affiliated with Desert Sage Natural and I have not been compensated for including them in my blog.  I just REALLY like their tea.  I have probably mentioned them before and I probably will again, because TEA!  If you like tea, I highly recommend trying them.  You will be supporting a small business and two lovely people. That is always really awesome.

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  1. I often browse the web these days trying to find solutions to my hay fever. I like to read about new ideas, things that I may not have tried before. I really loved reading the posts on your site. Thank you for sharing.

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