Gabrielle “Rie” Lopez, holds a graduate degree in public health with a specialty in health education and promotion.  She is particularly interested in the intersection of chronic illness and mental health, which draws upon her educational background and lived experience.  After a health crisis and half a sheet worth of diagnoses, her experiences led her to start advocacy work in the chronic illness community.  A ‘Professional Patient’, Rie is a health educator, skilled public speaker and writer, and serves as a patient advocate for mental health, chronic pain conditions, and clinical trials.  She is an advocate for health research and clinical trials with Clara Health and a WEGO Health Patient Leader.  Rie is a founding member of ‘Ladies of Rare’, a group of ‘professional patients’ who seek to educate, inform, and elevate the conversation about rare diseases.  She also, regularly participates in her local Mental Health Task-force to improve mental health status and outcomes in her local community.  In her spare time, you will find her sipping tea and making dinosaur noises.  You can find her on Twitter at @RieOfLetters.

Fast Facts

  • I am a public health nerd and I have no shame.
  • I have a soft spot for history and murder mysteries.
  • I love my kids and my fur-kids.  Don’t mess with them.
  • I like tea.  A lot. I wish I could swim in it at times.
  • I have a silly sense of humor.  Humor is a must when living with chronic illness.
  • I believe that it is important to be kind, to promote equality, and rage against injustice.

My promises to you, faithful readers:
1) I will always attempt to provide the latest and most accurate information at the time of publishing. However, I am human and therefore imperfect. I encourage you to fact check and do your own research. If you find something that is inaccurate, please reach out to me in a respectful manner so that I may make corrections if needed. Likewise, if I have used your site for research and you would like me to remove that information, please contact me so that I may do so.

2) I will try to maintain a sense of humor about things. There are some things I do not find humorous, however.  So, if you are going to bring any type of hateful or harmful rhetoric into this space, I will give you a warning first (depending on severity) then if there is another violation, I will kindly show you the proverbial door.

3) If you are interested in a particular topic, please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to address it either on the blog or in a private message, depending on your preference.


Define people by their fiery passions.  Then step back and watch what they do with them.