Saving Yourself

Dear Friends, Patient advocacy relies heavily on being able to create a narrative, and by extension, sell yourself.  The more gripping or devastating the story, the more advantageous it is to use, at least from a marketing perspective.  Getting people to empathize with our struggles, allows for the creation of new ideas, treatments, and solutions.  … Continue reading Saving Yourself


When The Lightening Strikes

Dear Friends, It is an incredibly humid day, with a heat index so high we've cancelled school locally.  We are due for storms to roll in, but I do not know if or when they will materialize.  There is a sense of almost suffocating as I sit here in the dense air and pray for … Continue reading When The Lightening Strikes

Rie Needs Rie-lief: A Saga of Acute Injury

During this time of year, my thoughts grow increasingly contemplative.  I prod the inner recesses of my mind, seeking to extract some bit of wisdom I have forgotten.  Though the days are growing longer again, as this hemisphere begins its slow tilt towards the sun, there is a certain gloom hanging upon everything.  The starkness … Continue reading Rie Needs Rie-lief: A Saga of Acute Injury