Saving Yourself

Dear Friends, Patient advocacy relies heavily on being able to create a narrative, and by extension, sell yourself.  The more gripping or devastating the story, the more advantageous it is to use, at least from a marketing perspective.  Getting people to empathize with our struggles, allows for the creation of new ideas, treatments, and solutions.  … Continue reading Saving Yourself


The Stories To Come

Dear Friends, There has been a gentle mist falling over the last three days.  The greyish white cast of the sky has blotted out any trace of sunshine and the days feel damp and dreary.  This is the kind of weather that leaves you feeling unsettled as the ache creeps into your bones.  Admittedly, I … Continue reading The Stories To Come

Vitamins: Should You Supplement?

As a purveyor of health and wellness education, I am no stranger to the controversies that surround seemingly benign topics.  While it is uncommon to see the pro- and anti- vitamin camps fight as bitterly as those talking about vaccinations, vitamin supplementation is surprisingly controversial. In its early history, vitamin supplementation in the United States … Continue reading Vitamins: Should You Supplement?