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Rie Lopez is available for writing assignments, speaking engagements, and panel discussions.  Rie brings a unique perspective to discussions surrounding mental health.  She speaks to topics centering on patient experience, chronic illness, minority health, reducing stigma, and viewing mental health through the lens of a public health professional. If you are interested in working together, please fill out the form below or email

You can also find Rie on Twitter @RieOfLetters.  Stop by and say hello!


phone-499991_1280Disclaimer (aka Legal Stuff)

  1. The intent of my blog is to provide a welcoming, informative, and empowering space for those living with chronic illness. I currently receive no financial benefit and engage in blogging purely as a labor of love.  If you see any advertisements here, please be aware that I likely had nothing to do with their placement.  In short, I do not endorse them.  If I do endorse a particular product or service, it is entirely based on my personal experience/opinion.
  2. I have a zero tolerance policy against plagiarism. I spend many hours creating content, which is my intellectual property. Please do not copy or summarize anything on this blog without giving credit through a link back or appropriate citation. If you wish to use my writing for non-academic purposes and/or financial gain, please contact me directly to request permission to use my materials.
  3. Finally, it is essential to discuss any potential changes to your treatment plan or your lifestyle with your health care team.  Please do not construe any of my writing as advice tailored to you and your specific needs, even if we have the same diagnosis.  I also suggest using this policy for anything you find regarding health.  There is a lot of misinformation out there, with some intentionally preying on the desperation of others.  Please use the utmost caution when determining trusted resources online.

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