Vitamins: Should You Supplement?

As a purveyor of health and wellness education, I am no stranger to the controversies that surround seemingly benign topics.  While it is uncommon to see the pro- and anti- vitamin camps fight as bitterly as those talking about vaccinations, vitamin supplementation is surprisingly controversial. In its early history, vitamin supplementation in the United States … Continue reading Vitamins: Should You Supplement?

Health For The Americas: WWII, Espionage, & Disney

Today, I thought it would be great to travel back in time and look at healthy eating during WWII. During the 1940s, the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs commissioned Walt Disney Studios to create series of cartoons to provide health education for those in Central and South America. "Health for The Americas: Planning … Continue reading Health For The Americas: WWII, Espionage, & Disney

That Is a Dandy Lion: Dandelions for Health

Last week, I stumbled upon several brands of dandelion tea while at my local grocers. The packaging suggested it was an herbal tonic/remedy helpful for liver functioning and aiding with general digestive needs. Most specified that it was helpful for detoxifying or removing toxins. Of course, this came with the obligatory disclaimer statement required by … Continue reading That Is a Dandy Lion: Dandelions for Health