Dancing Through The Pain

Dear Friends, Sometimes I dance in my kitchen.  I close my eyes and listen carefully to a beat in my head. Tap. Tap. Tap. My body sways slightly and muscles strain, lifting me up on my toes.  I reach one arm out in a fluid motion and then the other. I stack my spine, sliding … Continue reading Dancing Through The Pain

Rie Needs Rie-lief: A Saga of Acute Injury

During this time of year, my thoughts grow increasingly contemplative.  I prod the inner recesses of my mind, seeking to extract some bit of wisdom I have forgotten.  Though the days are growing longer again, as this hemisphere begins its slow tilt towards the sun, there is a certain gloom hanging upon everything.  The starkness … Continue reading Rie Needs Rie-lief: A Saga of Acute Injury