Self-Care:Caring For and About Yourself

Dear Friends, Self-care.  I want you to stop right now and think of what the term means to you. The term is ubiquitous and conjures the idea of spa days or doing something out of the ordinary to indulge.  Maybe you are thinking of your overloaded Pinterest board with inspiring quotes and recipes for homemade … Continue reading Self-Care:Caring For and About Yourself

Rie Needs Rie-lief: A Saga of Acute Injury

During this time of year, my thoughts grow increasingly contemplative.  I prod the inner recesses of my mind, seeking to extract some bit of wisdom I have forgotten.  Though the days are growing longer again, as this hemisphere begins its slow tilt towards the sun, there is a certain gloom hanging upon everything.  The starkness … Continue reading Rie Needs Rie-lief: A Saga of Acute Injury