When The Lightening Strikes

Dear Friends, It is an incredibly humid day, with a heat index so high we've cancelled school locally.  We are due for storms to roll in, but I do not know if or when they will materialize.  There is a sense of almost suffocating as I sit here in the dense air and pray for … Continue reading When The Lightening Strikes

Your Potential Self Is Infinite

Dear Friends, It is just a bit after three in the morning and I am awake.  I am decidedly more awake now that I just watched my youngest cat run into the side of the stove.  Now, typically, when my eyes are open at this hour, I stay in bed and try to remember to … Continue reading Your Potential Self Is Infinite

Diagnosis: A Flappy Door Is Worse Than A Flappy Bird

Dear Friends, As you might have gathered from my most recent post, I have finally improved enough that I resemble myself.  While some things are still beyond my capabilities, like carrying my very sizable 4-year old, I feel infinitely better.  In the past few weeks, I attended an event with some friends and didn’t come … Continue reading Diagnosis: A Flappy Door Is Worse Than A Flappy Bird